Monday, July 11, 2005


Location is an amazing thing. It can play such profound tricks and games on the mind. Or to be specific, on the mind that chooses to, even momentarily, lose focus. Everything about life is so delicate. Any slight change in the conditions that keep something in one state can significantly alter it. And since change is inevitable, consistency is hard to hold on to. And it all reminds me about the dangers of attachment. Attachment is like a heavy parasite that becomes so much a part of you that you begin to depend on it almost as much as it depends on you. In the spirit of annihilating any and every instance, occurrence, example of this certifiably ludicrous behaviour, I embrace the great unknown knowing that Complacency (Attachment’s favourite vice) will not be able to keep up with me on the journey. I embrace Newness and it’s great mentor Growth. I challenge Nostalgia knowing that she can never bring me down and if anything, will only push me closer to Total Conviction. Always climbing, always breaking through.

4 comments: said...

Deep thoughts here. Thanks for sharing.

Kishawi said...

Thank you for sharing your comments (smile)

Afromusing said...

I had to go look for a note i made awhile ago when i read this!
"Complacency is a deficiency whose penalty is a special perennial adolescence of the spirit. It is doubt which alone can make us probe and glimpse the depth of consciousness" Cesare Pavese 'This business of living'
Asante for sharing! (reminds me to postpone getting pavese's book)

soulsystah said...

hey chicka!
when are u heading out? and then....ebu drop me a ka-email and tell me where ur heading too again, as in the program..uni name etc? hollaa and all the besst!!!